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How Often to Wash Cycling Gloves: Hand Washing or Machine Wash?

Cycling gloves have two powers that make them essential for us. They are great for protection against injuries while cycling, and they keep our hands warm, post-cycling too. Like many clothing items we use almost daily, cycling gloves need to be maintained too, and that means washing them often. So how often do you need to wash your gloves? That and more will be explained throughout this article, so keep on reading to be informed on this topic.

Types of Cycling Gloves


There are many types of cycling gloves out there, and you, as a bike enthusiast, can choose among many alternatives. Let’s jump into it.

Waterproof gloves

Waterproof gloves are specifically made to expel water from your hands. They are made from warm materials like nylon and polyester that keep your hands warm while you’re cycling in cold weather.

Suede gloves

Suede gloves are made from a material called soft leather, and they cover your hands and wrists. Many cyclists opt for these gloves as they are very soft and keep your hands quite warm.

Cotton gloves

Cotton gloves, famously known as the gloves we used to wear during winter to make snowmen, are the favorite pair by many cyclists. The cotton fabric is both very soft and comfortable, and at the same time, it provides a lot of protection for any wounds on the hands one might encounter in case of a bike crash.

Wool gloves

Wool gloves can be quite useful in cold, winter weather as they are made from material that confines the heat inside the gloves. Just make sure not to get them wet because they dry slower than other materials.

Leather gloves

Leather gloves are great for protection against open flames, scratches when you’re carrying something heavy, and in this case, while cycling. They give you an impeccable grip on the handlebars as they are very light, they keep your hands quite warm, especially if there’s fur inside them, and they also look great in general.

Faux leather gloves

A more popular choice nowadays, faux leather gloves are perfect for drying quickly, keeping your hands warm, and being light as a feather. They also provide the same protection as the other gloves do against scratches and blisters while holding on to the handlebars.

How to Wash Cycling Gloves?


Although there are different materials for cycling gloves, washing them should be quite the same process. Depending on if you want to wash them by hand or if your gloves are specifically made to be washed in a machine, let’s take a look at the instructions on how to wash cycling gloves properly.

Look at the instructions at the tag

You should always look at the instructions given on the label of any clothing, and in this case, your cycling gloves. The reason is that there are different materials, and you need to know how to wash and take care of them. If not careful, you might shrink or rip them. So always make sure to read the label and proceed accordingly.

Close the straps

Before washing them, make sure to close the straps on the gloves, especially if they’re velcro. The reason is that you don’t want anything getting stuck in them while washing, and you want to make sure that they will work the same after washing them.

Use cold water

If you want to put in extra care for your cycling gloves, make sure to use cold water when washing them. Coldwater reduces wrinkles and also protects your gloves from being shrunk and color-faded after every wash.

Wash them by hand

Another energy-saving tip that also benefits your gloves is washing them by hand. Not only do you save water (especially if you’re using cold water), but you can wash them more regularly because you’ll be done quicker than a washing machine.

Let them dry

You should always let your cycling gloves air-dry to prevent them from shrinking and the material from being ruined. So after you hand-wash them in cold water, let them soak for a bit and simply let them dry. Depending on the material, it can take up to a whole day for them to dry.

Hand Wash or Machine Wash: Which Is Best?

Whether you prefer hand washing or machine washing, you still need to take caution in how you wash your gloves. Materials like leather and wool should be washed by hand only to prevent any damage. Whereas all the other materials mentioned above can be washed in a machine, but you need to always make sure to use cold water, yes, even in washing machines.

How Often Should You Wash Your Cycling Gloves?

If you cycle pretty often, it is advised to wash your cycling gloves every week. The reason is that a lot of the material used for the gloves absorbs sweat, which means that if you do not make sure to clean them often, they will release an unpleasant smell and also be very uncomfortable to wear.

We hope that you will follow these really easy but important steps in keeping your cycling gloves fresh and clean. The first step is getting the safety gear for cycling; the next one is maintaining them for as long as possible.


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