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Road Bike vs. Commuter Bike: Which Is the Best Alternative?

So, you’re getting serious about buying a new bike. That’s a pretty big decision! A bike is a great form of transportation; It is fast, cheap, and good for the environment. But there are so many choices out there, and your head is probably spinning with all the possibilities. Let us help clear that confusion by explaining the differences between the most common bikes for commuting: road bikes and commuter bikes. We will discuss the main features of a road bike and a commuter bike and cover their strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, this article will help you pick your perfect fit. So let’s ride on!

What Is a Road Bike?


As the name suggests, a road bike is a bike that is specifically designed to be used on the road. These bikes are lightweight, fast, and comfortable. Read on to learn more about the characteristics and benefits of a road bike.

Road bike features

A road bike is designed to keep you leaning forward and going faster. Its special design encourages your legs to put more force onto the pedals for more efficiency and speed. You can distinguish a road bike by these key features:

Drop handlebars

Drop handlebars are one of the defining features of road bikes. They put you in a lower position, giving you more comfort, speed, and control, especially when descending. Most road bikes have curled-shaped drop handlebars, and they offer you many different hand positions and a comfortable cruising position. 


Road bikes usually feature either rim brakes or disc brakes. Disc brakes are more expensive than rim brakes since they are more durable, especially in wet weather conditions.


A road bike typically uses slimmer, taller tires; they’re about 23mm or 25mm in width. They usually have less tread to minimize friction and maximize speed.


Road bikes have no suspension because they’re designed to ride in smooth and flat terrain that doesn’t have many obstacles, so there is no need for extra comfort. 

Frame Material

Road bikes generally have a fairly lightweight frame compared to other bikes. The frame material is usually aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is preferred by many since it is lighter and performs better. However, it is more expensive than aluminum. 


Most road bikes use only two chains, and they need fewer gears since they are designed to be used on flat, smooth surfaces. Road bikes usually have gears that are more tightly packed together to help you pedal at a higher speed. 

Road bike benefits

Road bikes are built to be lightweight and have the potential for higher speed. Its position and shape drive you forward, increasing speed when riding, thus saving your time. Road bikes also save you energy because they require less pedaling force to go forward. They also have skinny tires that reduce friction and improve speed and efficiency too. These characteristics make them perfect for racing.

What Is a Commuter Bike?


Just like the name implies, a commuter bike is a bike that is made for commuting. It is durable, elegant, reliable, and easy to use. If speed is not your priority, but rather durability, comfort, and high quality, then a commuter bike is the right choice for you. They are heavier and stronger than road bikes, and they’re great for daily commuting.

Commuter bike features

Just like the road bike, the commuter bike, too, has some features that make it stand out. Let’s have a look at those features.

Straight handlebars

A commuter bike features a straight handlebar, which doesn’t make you lean forward, allowing you a more upright and relaxed riding position. They offer better grip and a better hand position. However, this position may slow you down.


Most commuter bikes are equipped with rim or disc brakes. However, disc brakes are preferred by many in commuter bikes since they offer more braking control, thus performing better in wet conditions. They are more durable, but they also cost more than rim brakes. 


Unlike a road bike, a commuter bike has a front suspension that absorbs shock and gives you more comfort, especially when riding on rougher road terrains. It smooths out obstacles like potholes, rocks, and curbs and gives you more control even over these uneven surfaces, Making commuting on rougher terrain easier.

Frame Material

Commuter bikes also feature a variety of frame materials. The most popular being the aluminum frame, which, as mentioned earlier, is resistant and affordable but not as lightweight as carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is more expensive; however, it is stronger and gives you a smoother ride.


A commuter bike has wider, heavier, and tougher tires, providing a steadier and more comfortable ride. But, they have more tread than road bike tires; therefore, they slow you down considerably.


Commuter bikes have more gears than road bikes because they are designed to be ridden over rough, bumpy terrain. The downhill is that they make the bike heavier and slow you down.

Commuter bike advantages

One of the most significant advantages of a commuter bike is the comfort it offers to the rider. Its straight handlebars and wide saddle put you in a comfortable, relaxed position which is great for cycling for a longer time. They offer greater stability and comfort because of their features such as wider tires, suspension, straight handlebars, etc. These bikes are more durable too because they are made of a heavier and tougher material. All of these features of commuter bikes make riding more practical. 

Road Bike vs. Commuter Bike: Speed

When it comes to speed, road bikes are superior. Their features such as drop handlebars,  slimmer tires, fully rigid suspension, and lightweight frame give them an aerodynamic advantage over commuter bikes. So, if you’re looking for speed, a road bike won’t disappoint. 

Road Bike vs. Commuter Bike: Durability

Commuter bikes dominate in terms of durability. If you’re one of those people who prefer durability rather than speed, go for a commuter bike.  These bikes are heavier and more durable; that’s why many favor them for daily cycling.

To sum it up, road bikes are better than commuter bikes in terms of speed. This is why they are often used for racing. On the other hand, commuter bikes are more durable and comfortable to ride in smooth as well as rough terrain for long distances, and their design allows you more control over the bike. So, which one should you choose? Consider your needs and preferences first. If you want speed, pick a road bike; but a commuter bike is your best choice if you want comfort and stability.


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