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U-Lock vs. Chain Lock: Which One Is The Best Bodyguard for Your Bike

If you’ve come across this article, chances are you just got a bike and are searching for the best security that bike locks have to offer. But you’re stumped. Do you pick a U-Lock or a chain lock? A chain lock is more traditional, but then again, a U-lock is more accessible. That’s what we’re here to debate and compare. After reading all of our arguments, you’ll have a clearer idea of the differences between the two types of bike locks and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

U-Lock vs. Chain Lock: Security


Let’s start with the most important aspect—the security of the locks. When it comes to U-locks, we suggest that you keep the lock as far away from the ground as possible and reduce the space in the D-shaped area as much as you can; this makes it much more difficult for the thief to steal your bike. However, the risk of theft from a bolt cutter, crowbar, or hydraulic bottle car jack is not non-existent.

The chain lock’s most significant security advantage, on the other hand, is that you can tighten the chain around your bike, so it makes it more secure. In contrast, the U-lock’s shape makes it impossible to eliminate all of the extra space. But just like with other bike chains, they are susceptible to attacks too. So, to prevent your bike from being stolen, tighten the chain lock and keep it as far from the ground as possible.

So, a U-lock can have more inherent security issues than a chain lock. But the latter can also be susceptible to bolt cutters. The good news is you can solve both of these issues by filling up the space in the locks and keeping them as far from the ground as possible.

U-Lock vs. Chain Lock: Cost

Both locks are made of metal, so the one with the most metal would obviously cost you more. So, in this case, buying a U-lock is cheaper since you are technically buying a padlock while the chain lock contains the lock. Plus, all that extra heavy metal that you could even melt and use for something else. More material, more money.

However, if you want to buy a chain lock without spending that much money, portable chains are cheaper than stationary chains, so look for those since they are easier to carry, secure, and more affordable!

U-Lock vs. Chain Lock: Usability

If you’re locking your bike to work, you don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to work the lock and running into more problems than you need. U-Locks are lighter, but the disadvantage lies in their special shape. You may try to lock it on your bike, but the lock might go loose every once in a while and fall off your bike while you’re on it, which makes it very inconvenient having to stop and tighten it every few minutes. You could even try putting them in your bag but do not be fooled by their looks because they can still be very heavy if carried for a while.

On the other hand, the advantage of chain locks lies in their flexibility. You can tie them under your seat or anywhere on your bike, and it won’t be a problem. It might be a bit harder to ride your bike since they’re a bit heavier than U-locks but just think of it as a bit of a challenge. Plus, you’ll get a good workout too!

U-Lock vs. Chain Lock: Similarities and Differences

The similarities and differences are very mirrored in both these locks. Both locks need to be as high up from the ground for better security; they are both made of metal, are portable, and relatively easy to use.

Let’s move on to the differences now. A chain lock can potentially lock more than one bike at a time,  while U-locks are limited to only one bike. And keep in mind that if the object you’re locking your bike to is too thick, a U-lock will not work for you.

Because of all the metal, a chain lock, even the portable one, is heavier to carry than a U-lock; U-locks are more mobile in nature. So it might be a bit inconvenient for you to carry a chain lock every day if it’s not portable and if your security needs can be replaced with that of a U-lock instead.

Which One Should I Choose?


Getting to the big question, which one should you choose? You’ve read all of these arguments; they seem all very equal. Well, they are. The point was to show you the specifics of both locks, not to tell you which one is better. They are both practical and are used every day by many people. Your choice depends on what you’re looking for in a lock, based on the options mentioned above.

So if you’re looking for a secure, cheaper, lighter choice, you’d be better off with a U-lock. This is a more convenient option, especially if you’re commuting to work every day and have a specific place where you leave your bike.

But if the odd shape of a U-lock bothers you and you’re looking for something more flexible without sacrificing the security of your bike, a chain lock would work just fine for you.

Here’s a tip: if you live in a house and want a chain lock but aren’t looking forward to tying it around your bike or carrying it in your backpack, adding extra weight to you, leave the chain lock at work; that way, whenever you arrive at work, you can just take the chain and lock your bike. You won’t need it at home since you can put it in your garage or driveway, where it’s less likely even to be noticed at night. But if you are set on carrying it to work and back home, buy a portable chain; it’s cheaper, lighter, and just as secure.

Whatever your final decision may be, make sure to read about your options carefully, consider all of these factors and maybe even ask the person at the hardware store for their opinion. People who work in these places have more experience and knowledge than you’d think, and they might even have tips of their own on how to keep your bike as safe as possible with either one of the locks. So, good luck, and don’t forget to double-check your lock!


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