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Who Makes the Most Reliable Bikes?: Best Bike Brands

Biking is one of those exciting adventurous outdoor activities that many people spend a fair amount of time indulging into. For others, biking is a way of life and an inexpensive solution to a large number of interrelated problems. With a hobby that is so widely respected all around the world, it is only natural to invest time in choosing your new rig. Every biker wants to feel confident that the bike is safe to buy and will last for a long period of time. This can be a little more complicated for bike enthusiasts who may want to do a little more digging into the brand’s history and background before purchasing their toy. 

The market for top bike brands is so jam-packed with a boundless variety of styles, models, and price ranges that sometimes it is difficult to navigate the ship of industry and find a good match. The good news is, this high competition means different bike manufacturers strive to outperform one another in terms of what they have to offer. They may have different approaches and price ranges, but they all make every effort to produce amazing bikes. Below we break down the best bike manufacturers who are leaders within the industry and have a good reputation for excellent customer satisfaction.


Founded: 1972

Headquarters: Taiwan 

Other manufacturing facilities: Netherlands, China, USA (Newbury Park, Calif) 

Best known for: Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Cross and Gravel bikes, Kids bikes. 

Price range: $300-$7,000 

Giant, an iconic brand and one of the most powerful forces in the bike industry, is a major player known for its competitive pricing and solid reputation. Sleek and thoughtfully engineered, Giant has won awards for almost every design they manufactured and introduced into the market. They have always been popular for assessing price shifts, analyzing the latest market trends, and advancing them. 

Their sole purpose is to enhance their customer’s biking experience and make biking easily accessible all around the world. With over 10,000 retail shops in more than 50 countries, Giant offers a wide selection of bikes, no matter where you are located. From entry-level and mid-range to professional and word champion bikes, you’re bound to get your sought-after machine at a great price and it will be hard to argue that the quality is not there.


Founded: 1975 

Headquarters: North America, Waterloo, Wisconsin 

Other manufacturing facilities: Netherlands, China, Germany  

Best known for: Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Hybrid bikes, Women bikes.  

Price range:  $300-$6,000 for mountain bikes and $520-$8,000 for road bikes. 

Trek has been a prominent name in the biking scene for a long time, producing high-end bikes with strong frames and tailored geometry since 1973. While not necessarily thrust at the forefront of technology, Trek’s bikes embody a unique combination of value and versatility coupled with their efficiency and riding capacity. Providing bikes of almost every type across every price point, they put out exceptional frames with high-quality materials and constructions with a lifetime warranty. They are also efficient in shipping bikes to their customers as quickly and as safely as possible. The company also offers bike parts and accessories such as handlebars, tires, wheels, lights, pumps, racks, plug-ins, and bike clothing.


Founded: 1958 

Headquarters: North America, Sun Valley, Idaho

Other manufacturing facilities: Switzerland

Best known for: Mountain bikes, Racing bikes, City and Urban bikes

Price range:  $300-$6,000

The Scott company started off as a manufacturer of aluminum ski poles, sportswear, winter equipment, and motorsports gear before branching out into the bike industry. While not particularly the best brand out there, Scott has a solid lineup of high-quality bikes of different types. They are well-known for introducing the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar which was considered a significant innovation in the history of the cycling sport. Greg LeMond used this innovative handlebar to win the 1989 Tour De France competition which in turn led to an increased mass market. 

Scott has surged through different innovations over the decades and now offers a full spectrum of high and mid-range selections for men, women, and children. Its original name was “Scott USA” and was later changed into “Scott Sports” after they settled in Switzerland in an endeavor to expand their reach to the European market.


Founded: 1958 

Headquarters: North America, Wilton, Connecticut

Other manufacturing facilities: Taiwan, China

Best known for: Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Fitness, Cross-country, and Electric bikes

Price range:  $600-$7,000

Popular for their quirkiness and unique engineering mindset, Cannondale has produced one of the best and most sought-after bikes that the world has ever seen. Constantly coming up with innovative designs and modern features, the company has revolutionized the whole biking industry. A conspicuous feature that surprised the market when first came on, is the “lefty” fork which forever changed the way standard suspension forks were designed. But what truly separated Cannondale from other brands was their pioneering aluminum frames, which until then, bikes were only made out of steel.


Founded: 1885

Headquarters: Milan, Italy

Other manufacturing facilities: Taiwan, USA

Best known for: Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Touring bikes, E bikes

Price range:  $500-$9,000

Bianchi enjoys the privilege of being the oldest bike brand still continuing to exist. It has boasted many stylish and exceptional rides with guaranteed quality. Bianchi also pioneered the caliper front brakes which were known to decrease 80% of road vibrations and pneumatic rubber tires which were first seen into the market. 

Bianchi bikes are hard to miss due to their noticeable turquoise color, also known as Bianchi Green. Other innovations include the first BMX and the use of equal-sized wheels. Although, most bike enthusiasts recognize Bianchi for their road bikes, their gravel and mountain bikes are equally amazing. Although a bit more expensive than other choices, the pricing reflects both the tradition and the guaranteed quality.

This guide has provided a rundown of some of the most popular and reliable bike brands on the market, giving details about their background and where they best specialize. We hope this information will make you confident about your decision and steer you towards your ideal bike setup. Remember though that choosing a bike depends on your riding style, budget, body type, and a few other factors. Take them into consideration before you make a purchase. Good luck!


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