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How to Reset a Bike Lock With Letters: What To Do When You’ve Forgotten Your Passcode

So you’re thinking of getting a lock for your bike, and when you saw the word lock, you were intrigued. Having a personalized passcode sounds fun and safe, but you’re worried about what will happen if you accidentally forget the passcode and wonder how secure it really is. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading to find out more about this type of bike lock, how to reset it in case you forget your passcode, and if it’s the safest choice for your bike.

What Is a Bike Lock With Letters?

A bike lock with letters, as the name suggests, is a type of bike lock combination that uses letters instead of numbers. Once you put in the letters combination in the bike lock, you will hear the shackle releasing and permitting you to lock your bike. You may have seen bike locks with numbers instead. They use the same mechanism, but number combinations may be more difficult to remember than words or letters.

How to Unlock a Bike Lock With Letters

If you’ve unfortunately forgotten your custom combination lock, not to worry, there are a few tricks you can use to unlock your bike lock.

Try the default combination

A majority of word locks come with the default passcode “SHED” when you first purchase them. This passcode will work if the lock is new and hasn’t been used yet.

Try popular passcodes

Try to jog your memory to when you first got your word lock: what name seemed interesting to you to put as a passcode? Mix up different letters and see if anything looks familiar to you. If you’re having trouble in that department, you could try some popular word lock passcodes such as LOOP, PLAY, TREE, FAST, BIKE, and the default one SHED.

Apply tension and scroll

Generally, on this type of lock, if you apply tension and scroll each dial, you will notice some feedback indicating when it is in the open position. Do this for each dial until it opens.

How to Reset a Bike Lock With Letters

If you’ve had no luck remembering or guessing your passcode combination, you can reset the word lock altogether. There are two ways to do this: flip switch mechanism and twist mechanism. Let’s go through these techniques step-by-step and how you can easily use them to reset your bike lock.

Resetting bike lock with the twist mechanism

First, open up your bike lock; you should then be able to see the spin switch mechanism, which usually has the word “set” with arrows around it. Then, rotate the spin switch until you have the “spin” position, which is the setting position for the locking mechanism. You should then be able to enter a new passcode using the bike lock letters; once you enter the new passcode, rotate the spin switch back to its former position. The passcode is now reset!

Resetting bike lock with the flip switch mechanism

First, open up your bike lock; you should then be able to see a small switch on the lock mechanism facing upwards. Then, push the switch facing downwards, or whatever position it was; you should just push it to the opposite side. Now the locking mechanism is in the setting position. You should now be able to enter your new passcode into your bike lock. Once you’ve entered the new code, move the switch back to its former position, just like with the twist mechanism. The passcode is now successfully reset!

How to Lock Your Bike With a Bike Lock


The function of a bike lock is pretty simple; once you decide where you want to lock your bike, just tie the lock around your bike frame, and when you’re locking it, put in your passcode. The best way to lock your bike with a word lock is to tie the cable lock to your wheel and bike frame. That secures your bike because it protects the wheels, which are the most crucial part of your bike.

How to Pick a Word Combination

Picking a word lock combination for your bike is the most fun and essential part of the process; you get to choose a passcode to protect your bike. You should pick a combination that is easy to remember but that is significant for you only.  Avoid words that may be obvious and anyone could guess.

The passcode doesn’t have to be a word such as “tree, play, shed, loop,” you can use four initials that are meaningful to you, that way, you will never forget it. But in case you do, you can always turn to our tips to reset it.

Here’s the process of putting in your new passcode to your word lock:

Step 1: Input the passcode with a significant meaning to you.

Step 2: As you’re putting the passcode in, make sure to put pressure on either side of the lock so when you enter the correct custom combination, the lock will open up.

Step 3: When you’re putting in the passcode, make sure to start from the right side, meaning the last letter of your passcode. You should do it clockwise and scroll until you find your letter. For example, if your passcode is “loop,” the first letter to put in would be “P.”

Are Bike Locks With Letters Secure?


Purchasing a bike lock will undoubtedly leave you with a feeling of uncertainty. Have you gotten the best possible lock to secure your bike? Bike lock letters, unfortunately, are not the safest locks for your bike overall. They do not possess the “sold secure rating” tag or any security rating from plausible organizations, which means it is not deemed the safest bike lock. If you want additional security for your bike, you should get another type of lock for your bike and use the bike lock with letters to secure, for example, the wheels of your bike.

The reason bike locks with letters aren’t very secure is that they are made from very thin metals (unlike the one in the photograph) that are twisted together, and bike lock material needs to be a lot thicker than that.


If you already own a word lock and you forgot your passcode, we hope this article helped you find a way to open it and reset your bike lock. And if you’re thinking of purchasing one, make sure to choose your word combination wisely. However, we advise you to use the word lock to protect your bike’s accessories only and get a safer bike lock to attach it somewhere safe.


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