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Problems With Folding Bikes: Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

Are you thinking of getting a folding bike? If so, you might be someone who commutes every day either to work or to other social activities, and you’re tired of carrying your standard full-size bike up the stairs or trying to find a storage to fit it in. If you clicked on this article, chances are you are having second thoughts and wondering if getting a folding bike is worth it. To find out more about this enjoyable, convenient, yet flawed bike, keep reading.

What Are Folding Bikes?

Folding bikes are bicycles that are designed to fold so you can easily carry them up the stairs, in buildings, or just store them in tight spaces where a bike wouldn’t typically fit. There are several types according to their folding method, so before purchasing one, you may want to find out which one suits your needs better.

Are Folding Bikes Worth It?



Folding bikes are the convenient bikes for you if you travel all the way to work every day or have to carry your bike with you into public transportation as you commute.  It is also great to avoid theft, as you don’t have to lock it and leave it outside; you can take it with you into your workspace as it takes very little space. Since they are quite light and compact, they are the best option for those who may have to carry them up the stairs or elevator on a regular basis. Not only are folding bikes good for commuters, but they’re also good for the environment.

So, are folding bikes worth it? We could say that there are so many reasons why a folding bike would be worth it considering our situation, but there are also a number of disadvantages. If you would like to learn about them, continue reading.

Problems with folding bikes

Like with everything else, folding bikes also have pros and cons. Their functionality and convenience is what makes them great for cyclists, but there are a few disadvantages that come with these bikes. Before you purchase one, you might want to consider these points.

Bike cost and repair expenses

Folding bikes function the same way as other regular bikes; however, they have additional bike parts since they have the mechanisms that help you fold them. Repairing a folding bike will be more expensive than repairing a standard bicycle, and buying a folding bike will also be more expensive than repairing one. So if you already own a folding bike, always choose to repair it rather than buying another one; the former will cost you less money.

Vulnerability to damage

The design of folding bikes makes them very distinctive compared to standard bikes; they have additional smaller parts attached to them to allow folding. The fact that this type of bike has so many additional parts makes it more vulnerable to damage, and just a scratch could heavily damage one of those parts. This point would make it more difficult for you, should you want to sell your bike one day, since we mentioned that repair is more costly than on a standard bike.

Difference in the speed

If you’re already thinking of getting a folding bike, chances are you are looking for convenience rather than speed. However, before purchasing one, you must know that folding bikes tend to go slower than bikes designed for speed, such as cyclocross or road bikes. This does not mean that folding bikes are slow or less fun to ride; it just means that every bike is designed for a specific purpose, and the purpose of folding bikes is to make it easier for commuters to carry them in uncomfortable situations such as walking up and down the stairs or to store them in tight spots.

Importance of size accuracy


Before getting a folding bike, make sure you are accurate on the dimensions: weight and size. If you fail to pick correctly, this could cause in seriously uncomfortable rides, and more importantly, they wouldn’t be convenient to carry if, let’s say, you got a heavier one than you meant to. Before purchasing one, you may want to inform yourself about the appropriate size for you considering your height. So choose wisely to avoid discomfort.


Unfortunately, not all folding bikes are easily portable. Some bikes’ mechanisms for folding may not be the same as others, so it will not be as easy to carry them around. When you’re browsing for a folding bike, you need to make sure to test it out and see how comfortable it feels folded and unfolded.

Bumpy ride

A significant difference between folding bikes and other bikes is the wheels; folding bikes have smaller wheels because of their portability. And smaller wheels means that they will not absorb the bumps and rough terrain as well as bigger wheels. So if you’re planning to take your folding bike on areas other than urban, you need to consider the fact that the ride will not go as smoothly as it would in a bike designed for such terrains.


Folding bikes sure have disadvantages, but some of those can be avoided easily. If you take good care of them and ride them on smooth terrains, the pros will outweigh the cons. They are conveniently portable and your best friend on a tiring day when you have to walk up flights of stairs.


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