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What Is a Hybrid Bike?: What Do You Need to Know Before Going Hybrid

Every kind of riding is fun and challenging in its way. You don’t have to give up one for the other. If you like riding on-road and occasionally off-road, then don’t restrict your riding experience; go for a hybrid bike and enjoy the best of both worlds.

What Is a Hybrid Bike?

As the name suggests, a hybrid bike is a mix of a road bike and a mountain bike. It is designed to be suitable for various purposes such as riding on hilly mountainous terrain, uneven roads, or smooth city roads. The benefits of hybrid bikes are that they provide the speed of a road bike combined with the comfort of a mountain bike. These bikes are used mainly by riders who commute daily and occasionally ride in the mountains.

Hybrid Bike Features


Hybrid bikes have an emphasis on comfort, and that can be seen in their features and geometry. These features are a mixture of the two types of bikes: mountain and road bikes. Firstly, consider the type of riding you will be doing to have a clearer idea of what kind of hybrid bike you need. Look at the features of hybrid bikes below (material, wheel size, gears, brakes, handlebar shape, and bike suspension)to decide what is suitable for you.


There are three main materials that hybrid bikes are usually made from: steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The first one is rarely used even though it provides comfort and looks good. Aluminum is very common because it is comfortable, lightweight, and inexpensive. On the other hand, carbon fiber is becoming pretty popular; it is durable and comfortable but unfortunately quite expensive.

Wheel size

The hybrid bike’s wheels are usually wider than road bikes’ wheels, making them more capable of handling various terrains comfortably. Their standard wheel size is 700c which makes them more road-biased. 


Opt for more gears if you want to climb or ride uphills a lot. However, if you ride on flat terrain, you’ll probably be fine with a double chainring. Having fewer gears will make your bike lighter, and as a result, faster.


In terms of brakes, hybrid bikes typically have rim brakes, which are relatively cheap. But more expensive bikes often come with disc brakes which are more powerful and durable, especially in wet, muddy conditions.

Handlebar shape

Hybrid bikes typically have a taller head tube to keep you upright and a flat handlebar to improve your riding position and allow you more control, similar to mountain bikes. The flat handlebar makes it easier for you to reach the brakes and the gears.

Another preferred handlebar shape is the drop bar. This shape is typical for road bikes, and it’s an excellent choice for racers who like speed. However, they put you in a hunched position which is not that comfortable.

Rise bar is also a common shape in hybrid bikes, which positions you upright and farther back, allowing great control over the bike.

Bike suspension

Hybrid bikes can have front suspension or no suspension at all (rigid). If you are going to ride on bumpy terrain, then you need some support from the shock. So go for front suspension bikes since they will absorb the impacts on the front wheel, making the ride more comfortable. If you’re going to ride mainly on smooth terrain, then pick a bike that has no suspension at all. These bikes are lighter, thus, easier to pedal.

Hybrid Bike Types


Hybrid bikes have various bike subtypes like trekking bikes, commuter bikes, cross bikes, and comfort bikes, each having its own unique features. Which one is right for you? Well, it mostly depends on how you plan to use it and what you want from it. 

Trekking bikes

Trekking bikes are hybrid bikes that combine mountain and road bikes’ features. They are comfortable riding long distances in various on-road or off-road terrains.

Commuter bikes

Needless to say, commuter bikes are made for daily commuting, and they perform best on flat surfaces. Their geometry is similar to that of road bikes, and the rider’s position in these hybrid bikes is usually more upright, ensuring comfort and visibility.

Cross bikes

Cross bikes are a type of hybrid bike that support on-road as well as challenging off-road terrain. These bikes usually have a flat handlebar for a comfortable upright position during the ride, and they typically have wider tires that offer more stability and traction.

Comfort bikes 

You probably figured it out from the title; a comfort bike’s purpose is to give you as much comfort as possible during short or long rides. These bikes have suspension, which helps to smooth out rough sketchy terrain so that you don’t feel the shock of impact. They typically have flat handlebars and cushioned seats to give you an upright, comfortable position. 

Hybrid Bike vs. Road Bike

Hybrid bike or road bike? Which is the best bike for you? Of course, it’s not easy to choose. Let’s discuss the differences between them to help you make a decision. A hybrid bike has a flat bar, while a road bike usually has a drop bar. A flat bar is easier to handle and maneuver and gives you a comfortable riding posture. On the other hand, a drop bar offers an aerodynamic advantage and a better hand position, resulting in better palm comfort. So, if you’re a young cyclist, flat bars are a better choice for you since they’re easier to handle, but if you’re an experienced rider who likes speed, go for drop bars.

Hybrid and road bikes also differ in their geometry, which impacts the ride. A hybrid bike typically has a higher stack, giving you an upright position and a shorter reach, which provides you with more comfort.

Usually, a hybrid bike will give the rider an excellent traffic sight too. On the other hand, a road bike has a lower stack and longer reach, which is a less comfortable position to ride in. To sum it up, a road bike is faster because of its geometry, but a hybrid bike offers you more control and stability. Now you choose.

Hybrid Bike vs. Mountain Bike

We talked about the difference between a road bike and a hybrid bike. Now let’s focus on the difference that hybrid bike has with yet another bike that it’s quite similar to. If you usually ride in the city but sometimes go riding off-road, a hybrid bike is a good choice for you. A hybrid bike is a versatile bike suitable for many purposes. They are comfortable to ride on different terrains and are ideal for everyday use. They also have a luggage rack which is great for transporting your luggage or other loads.

But, if you mostly ride on mountainous terrains and rarely go for a ride in the city, then you should consider getting a mountain bike. It is best for sporty use. You can ride them on many different terrains such as roads, forests, and gravel paths. However, they are not very suitable for everyday use.

A hybrid bike is basically a jack of all trades. If you want to get a bike to ride in the city mostly and occasionally in the mountains, then a hybrid bike is probably the best option. It is ideal for city and touring and offers great comfort for everyday use too. However, there’s one thing you ought to remember, always consider your needs, goals, and preferences before buying a type of hybrid. 


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