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5 Best Cheap Bike Locks: Keeping Your Bike Safe Was Never Cheaper

Bikes are entrusted commuting companions for many people all around the world. They are environment-friendly and a great way of staying active. However, having a bike is not all about the advantages you get out of it. Caring for your bike as well as defending it from outside threats like robbery are big responsibilities. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your bike is leaving it alone without locking it up. This way, you’re sending a massive invitation to thieves, whether you’ll be back in ten minutes or ten seconds; therefore, to keep your bike safe and your mind at peace, you definitely have to invest in a bike lock and learn how to use it.

5 Best Cheap Bike Locks

When you decide to buy and own a bike, you take on the obligation of caring for and protecting it at all times. As a result, having the best bike locks as your security measure when it is left alone outdoors is essential.

There are numerous sorts of bike locks with different properties and price tags available; therefore, finding the right bike lock can be pretty challenging. 

To help you in this process, we have listed below the top ten best cheap bike locks. So, stay tuned to find out more!


Master Lock 8143D


If you are in the market for an easy-to-use bike lock, the Master Lock 8143D is the ideal solution for you! This 4Ft (1.2M) long preset combination cable lock is made of 5/16In (8mm) diameter braided steel for optimal strength and flexibility. 

The Master Lock 8143D cable has a vinyl covering for durability and resistance to abrasion. In addition, the braided steel wire with high performance gives strength, elasticity, and resistance to cutting and sawing. 

When it comes to the level of security, you will receive a combination lock with a four-number code that’s simple to program. The four-dial combination security provides keyless convenience. Moreover, the self-coiling design makes it very easy to use and store. The Master Lock 8143D is primarily used to protect and prevent theft. 

Key features

  • Preset combination
  • Braided steel 
  • Protective vinyl coating helps prevent scratching
  • Four dial combination security


  • Easy to lock and use
  • Extra strength and flexibility
  • Keyless convenience


  • The lock combination cannot be changed.




NDakter Bike Lock Cable


If you want a bike lock with a high-quality braided steel cable and the convenience of being extremely simple to set up, you should definitely check the NDakter Bike Lock Cable. 

This simple lock cable is all you need to protect your bike from thieves, and with the several colors available, you’ll be able to choose one that best suits your bike. This NDakter 5-digit resettable combination coiling bike provides keyless entry, making it convenient for anyone who does not always want to carry around a key.

The high-grade NDakter braided steel cable lock is around 4 feet long and approximately 12 mm thick, making it long enough to attach your front wheel to your bike’s frame and entirely restrict movement. The steel cable lock is also self-coiling, which means it can quickly form knots that go around your bike frame. In addition, this cable lock comes with a mounting bracket for simple storage.

Key features

  • Smart five-digit resettable combination chain lock
  • Self-coiling
  • Multi-purpose
  • PVC coating
  • 10,000 code combinations


  • Keyless convenience
  • It comes with a mounting bracket
  • Available in different colors


  • Some reviewers claim that the locking mechanism tends to break off in the cold.




Master Lock Cable Lock


The Master Lock Cable is an excellent solution for bikers looking for a bike lock that is affordable, flexible, and highly secure. The Master Lock cable is 72 inches long or six feet. It is a robust, flexible, coiled braided steel design that is resistant to cutting. In addition, it features an excellent protective vinyl covering that prevents the cable from getting damaged by anything with which it comes into touch. 

This lock has a reprogrammable four-dial combination for keyless convenience and added security. It gives you access to thousands of personalized combination code alternatives. You can effortlessly set and reset your combination. In addition, the cable is braided steel offering extra strength and flexibility, and it is self-coiling, making it easy to store.

This cable lock is quite versatile. This cable lock is ideal for locking bicycles, toolboxes, generators, ladders, and a variety of other equipment.

Key features

  • Stainless steel material
  • Protective vinyl covering
  • Self-coiling
  • Coiled braided steel design.


  • Durable design
  • A resettable combination chain lock
  • Versatile


  • Some users find it too tightly coiled.






The Ubullox bike U lock is one of the best and most well-known bike locking systems on the market today. It is a two-in-one bike lock that combines the U lock’s durability with the cable lock’s versatility to provide you with peace of mind when leaving your bike alone. It is composed of high-quality materials to resist human and environmental dangers and provide optimal protection for your bike.

This bike lock has a 4 feet double looped ends steel cable coated with PVC covering, having a total diameter of 0.48inch. The bike lock’s lock cylinder is composed of C grade pure copper blade, which has a precise structure to avoid technical opening. The bike U lock has two rust-resistant copper keys with unique serpentine slots. The U lock will give your bike more locking options and improved protection.

The UBULLOX Bike U Lock comes with a mounting bracket that fits any circular tripod with a 30mm diameter. Because of its small size, the bike U lock may be stored in a bag or mounted on your bike’s frame. The mounting bracket holder is simple to install and allows you to store your bike lock when out on a ride conveniently. In addition, the U lock’s silicone cover helps protect your bike from scratches, and it will also extend the life of your U lock.

Key features

  • Portable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Silicone material
  • U-shape


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy installation


  • The bracket plastic tends to break easily with the heavy lock being held.






The KASTEWILL Bike Lock, one of the best low-cost alternatives available, is a fantastic option that appears sturdier than its price tag suggests. The 16mm shackle and 4-foot security wire keep your bike’s frame and wheels secure at all times. A zinc alloy lock core and a perfect serpentine key slot are also essential qualities that pr

event lock pickers. 

This U-lock is strong enough to keep your bike secure yet light enough to carry anywhere. It comes with a high-quality mounting bracket that fits any circular tripod with a 30mm diameter. Because of its small size and mounting bracket, you can easily fit it into your bag while riding or connect it to the frame of your bike.

In addition, the KASTEWILL bicycle U lock combination (also known as a D lock) has two openings. To open a U-form bike lock, a thief must break it on both sides at the same time; therefore, a U shape bike lock is safer than a single-opening head U-bar bike lock.

The bike lock cylinder is composed of C-grade pure copper blades and has a precise structure to prevent different technologies from opening. Furthermore, the heavy-duty anti-theft bike U locks come with two rust-proof copper keys with a sophisticated snake-shaped groove, making them safer to use.

Key features

  • Alloy steel material
  • U shape
  • Two rust-proof copper keys included
  • Double-opening head
  • Heavy-duty lock


  • Portable U-lock
  • Lightweight 


  • Some users find this lock smaller compared to other bike locks out there.




Things to Bear In Mind 

Before hopping into the market for a bike lock, there are some essential elements you should bear in mind. When choosing your next bike lock, you should consider what type fits your needs best. In addition, you must know how much you should spend on a bike lock and pick an option that is within your price range. 

Are cheap bike locks secure?

When it comes to modern bike lock models, not everything lies in the price. In today’s market, you can find affordable bike locks that offer the highest level of security for your bike. When choosing a bike lock, it is the type that will have the most impact on the overall security and quality, so make sure to pick a type that fits and protects your bike the most despite the price.

What type of bicycle lock is best?

Different types of bicycle locks provide different security levels. The most secure bike lock would have to be the U-lock. U-locks are popular bike locks that work well as deterrents. The hefty locking mechanism is resistant to hammers, chisels, and other tools. Its horseshoe design may impede leverage if it is too large for the bike.

Another bike lock type is cable lock. Although cable locks are versatile and adjustable, they provide less theft deterrence than U-locks. Most cable locks can easily be cut with a bolt cutter. They may be appropriate for low-crime areas on their own. They are also helpful when paired with a U-lock to secure easily removable pieces, such as seats, for example. 

A commonly used bike lock type is the keyed lock. Flat keys or cylindrical keys are used in keyed locks. Cylindrical keys received a bad reputation in the past after it was revealed that some locks of this type could be picked with a ballpoint pen. The latest models have addressed this issue, and both styles are now equally effective.

The newest types of bike lock are the combination locks. They are convenient since you don’t have to remember to keep a key or fear losing keys, but you must remember a four-digit combination.

How much should you spend on a bike lock?

In general, bikers are advised to spend between 10% to 20% of the worth of their bike on a lock, but in actuality, you don’t have to pay that much to get a solid one. As you have seen above, there are dozens of affordable bike locks that will do the same job for a fraction of the price.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best bike lock is one of the smartest investments you can make for your bike, as it will provide maximum protection.  As mentioned previously, there are many different types of bike lock mechanisms on the market today. So it is ultimately up to the bike owner to select the option that best fits their needs and requirements.  However, we hope that our recommendations and other necessary details provided in this article will help you in picking the best one for your bicycle.


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