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How to Make Your BMX Bike Faster

There are two purposes for which BMX bikes were made: racing and stunt riding. In order for you to do those activities with your BMX bike, you need a lot of practice. But before that, you need to know you are getting the most out of your bike. Would you like to know how to make a BMX bike faster? There are a few ways to make your BMX bike faster, and we are listing some of them below.

How Fast Can a BMX Bike Go?

We now know that BMX bikes were made for speed, but exactly how fast can a BMX bike go? Well, as you would imagine, it depends on the terrain it is being used as well as on other factors. However, to measure the average top speed of a BMX bike, we use a starting race ramp, which gives us approximately 35mph or 56 kph.

How to Make Your BMX Bike Faster

Whether you just got your bike or you have used it for a while, it is essential to know that there are features to the bike that need to be checked and adjusted to reach the maximum speed. If you are not sure you are getting the most out of your BMX bike in terms of speed, follow the tips we provide in the list below:

Keep the bike clean

If you are a bike enthusiast, this tip should be easy and maybe even enjoyable for you. Keeping the bike unsoiled is one of the ways to ensure your BMX bike reaches maximum speed every time. However, cleaning the bike has other benefits that might make it easier for you to clean it regularly. A regularly cleaned bike is the best way to ensure you won’t need to replace parts in the future. So, even though it might seem a nuisance to clean the bike after every few uses, a well-kept bike, i.e., cleaned and maintained with aftercare products, gives your bike a longer ‘lifespan’ and optimal performance in the long run.

Lubricate the chains


Another feature of your BMX bike that requires regular maintenance is the bike chain. This part of your BMX bike needs to be lubricated with proper bike lubricants. There are two benefits to a well-oiled BMX bike chain. Firstly, the bike runs more smoothly, allowing you to reach the maximum speed. Secondly, frequent maintenance of the bike chains by lubrication prevents the debris (grit and mud) from sticking to the chain, thus keeping the chain cleaner for more extended periods.

Check the gears

Successful racing and stunt driving with BMX bikes is made possible by ensuring your bike is a well-maintained skill that is achieved through practice and efficiency. In order for your biking to be efficient, gear adjustment is a must. Though it might seem like intricate work, you can learn to adjust the gears of your BMX bike yourself. Or, if you don’t want to go through the trouble, you can always trust someone with experience to adjust them, and it usually doesn’t cost much.

Maintain a good tire pressure


If you have tried all the items on our list, you must know that a speed boost is perhaps most noticeable through a change in tire pressure. It is important to know that different terrains and biking distances require different tire pressure. If the pressure in your tires is on the low side, it means they are soft, and there is more friction against the road, i.e., lower speed. Low tire pressure can also be the cause for a pinch flat tire.

Adjust the brakes properly

It might seem counterintuitive to have to properly adjust the brakes of your BMX bike in order for you to reach maximum speed. However, properly adjusting your brakes ensures you can turn slopes and corners with much more ease, thus resulting in higher speed.

Drop the front

A lot of your BMX bike’s speed depends on its make and model. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. If we take into account physics or, more precisely, aerodynamics, dropping the front end of your bike can help with keeping your speed. Keep in mind that sometimes the change in speed is so big after dropping the front of your bike that you might find it difficult to control it. You can avoid accidents and injuries by removing only one of the spacers and adjusting to the new position before you remove more spacers.

Find the adequate saddle height

If you are an experienced biker, you have probably found your ideal saddle height. For the less experienced or new riders, it is important to adjust the saddle of your BMX bike not only for speed but for comfort too.  Sometimes a rightly placed bike saddle is all you need for smooth bike riding. You get the most out of your BMX bike with the least amount of effort. Typically, you want to keep your bike saddle 10 cm lower than your inseam while making sure you reach your paddles with your feet comfortably.

How to Improve Your Cycling Speed


The tips we have provided above relate to the speed of your BMX bike. In order for you to reach maximum velocity while biking, you need to improve your cycling speed. And yes, those are two different things. Cycling speed has more to do with you as an individual. You can improve your cycling speed by:

  1. Bending and tucking in your elbows: elbows away from the body react with the wind causing you to lose momentum.
  2. Braking less: his might seem like a given but learning to brake less during biking certainly helps with your cycling speed.
  3. Ride in groups: sharing the burden of cutting the wind with a group of people certainly increases your cycling speed. Being surrounded by other bikers can also help keep you motivated.
  4. Keep healthy: maintaining a lower body weight and higher muscle mass can be a significant help in improving your cycling speed.


Like all material things in life, good maintenance for a bike is crucial to ensure longevity. A well-kept BMX bike will not only last longer but also perform better. Certain adjustments to the bike itself, as well as some biking tips and tricks, can help you get the most out of your BMX bike in terms of velocity.


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